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How to: The best potting & container mixed compost soil | Gardening tips 2020 | UK Shokher bagan Oxford | কীভাবে: সেরা পোটিং ও পাত্রে মিশ্রিত কম্পোস্ট মাটি বাগান পরামর্শ 2020 | ইউ কে শোকার ব্যাগান |

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The best potting mix

Welcome to my channel, “Passionate Gardener UK Vlogger” Shokher Bagan – Bangladeshi vegetables garden – Oxford, United Kingdom. I have been growing lots of Bangladeshi vegetables in my garden such as shim-hyacinth beans, lubi-long yard beans, bangla khodu – bottle gourds – kerala – bitter gourds, cicingga – snake gourds, green chilli’s – khasa Moris, Naga peppers – Naga morris, brinjal – eggplant, capsicum, coriander – doniya, lai – mustard green, lal shak – red spinach, dugi – amaranth, mooli mula – radish, green spinach, taro – mukhi, water spinach – kolmi shak, malabar spinach – pui shak, palong shak, jute spinach – pat shak, tomatoes, Cucumber – shosha kira, uri seam, sweet pumpkin – misti kumra, Merrow, runner beans, French beans, hoilfa, okra – bindi deresh, aloe vera plant, insulin plant, strawberries plant, potatoes,-alu, bushy beans, rhubarb, Apple and pear, rose plant, spring onions, garlic, and many more. I have also, listed all the leafy veggies and fruit and vegetables names above that I plant every year. Thank you so much for your great support and thanks for watching, please subscribe now.

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