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Growing garlic, building raised beds, cover crops, no-till gardening, your gardening questions answered, Gardener Scott’s gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #27

0:40 – Troubleshooting Plant Problems
5:45 – Redoing Landscapes
7:50 – Radishes
9:05 – Aphids
11:10 – Berry Bushes
12:25 – White Flies
14:05 – Identifying Apple Trees
17:20 – Soil Quality
22:20 – How Long Do Seeds Last?
23:25 – Carrot Seeds
26:10 – Transparent Spots on Leaves
27:35 – Plant Genus Separation and Cross-Pollination
34:10 – Preparing for Cold Weather
40:50 – Ash on Plants
42:45 – Harvesting Unripe Fruit/Vegetables
44:00 – Extending the Season
46:00 – Spinach
47:10 – Cold Frames
48:30 – Microclimates
54:30 – Sun Angle and Cold Frames
54:55 – Green House and Microclimates
56:40 – Gardener Scott’s New Background Scene!
1:00:35 – Fruit Trees and Disease
1:01:45 – Nutrients Needed in the Soil
1:08:00 – Compost
1:09:20 – Nitrogen and Potato Peels
1:10:40 – Food Scraps in Garden Beds
1:12:30 – Covering Drainage Holes
1:16:20 – Sweet Potatoes
1:17:20 – Plants in Compost
1:17:40 – What to Grow in Hügelkultur Beds
1:18:55 – Worms
1:22:20 – Powdery Mildew
1:25:30 – GS Philosophy: Recycling

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