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Welcome to the California Garden in the month of November 2020. We have a lot of vegetable harvests for you like broccoli, cilantro, eggplants, fenugreek (methi), ivy gourd (tindora), jalapenos, kale, luffa, mustard, okra, spring onions, peanuts (groundnuts), peppers, pineapple, radish, spinach and tomato.

We then take a tour of the California garden here in Irvine, California. We look at the raised beds, containers (pots) as well as a nice walk-in greenhouse.

We also show you gardening tips like composting, creating your own compost, spacing out onions, etc.

Finally we review two gardening products – Gorton’s Solution with humic and fulvic acids and ViparSpectra XS1500 grow light unboxing.

Gorton’s Solution:

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